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BMisc includes miscellaneous functions for working with panel data, quantiles, and printing results.


You can install BMisc from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

or from CRAN with:


Example 1

One of the most useful functions in the BMisc package is makeDist which takes a vector of observations and turns them into a distribution function.

y <- rnorm(100)
y <- y[order(y)]
u <- runif(100)
u <- u[order(u)]
F <- makeDist(y,u)
#> [1] "ecdf"     "stepfun"  "function"

Example 2

Another useful function is the makeBalancedPanel function which drops observations from a panel dataset which are not available in all time periods.

id <- rep(seq(1,100,1),2) ## individual ids for setting up a two period panel
t <- rep(seq(1,2),100) ## time periods
y <- rnorm(200) ## outcomes
dta <- data.frame(id=id, t=t, y=y) ## make into data frame
dta <- dta[-7,] ## drop the 7th row from the dataset (which creates an unbalanced panel)
#> [1] 199
dta <- makeBalancedPanel(dta, idname="id", tname="t")
nrow(dta) ## now all the observations with missing data in any period are dropped
#> [1] 198